We close the year with enthusiasm and an eye on the future

We are leaving behind 2023, a very intense year for Terrachidia.

We have continued our work in M’hamid El Ghizlane, with more enthusiasm than ever thanks to the collaboration of the community of these twelve villages that are now family. In 2024, we will continue to open up new avenues of research at this very important site in Terrachidia, with the new collaboration of the CSIC.

Thanks to another community, that of the Oasis of Ich, determined to enhance its heritage, a new line of the Oasis Campus was opened in July 2023, dedicated especially to the Cultural Landscape.

In this first edition, a small group of 13 brave people dared to let themselves be surprised by this landscape, territory and architecture on the edge of Moroccan territory. This trip marked the beginning of the exploration of a type of Oasis that Terrachidia had not worked on until now, the Mountain Oasis.

It also provided the opportunity to visit and learn about the Oasis of Figuig, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and which has been the site of several very interesting restoration projects.

Terrachidia has also been involved in other projects this year, with institutions such as AECID, Insituto Cervantes Casablanca, INTBAU, CSIC, Fundación Altiplano, ICHAB or ICOMOS, with whom we hope to continue weaving networks in the future.

We have participated in different international congresses contributing our vision on rehabilitation and the improvement of basic habitability, we have developed projects in Mauritania, and we have participated in research studies on the oases of North Africa and on the consequences of the earthquake in Morocco.

All of this with the aim of building a better future for and with the most vulnerable populations.

A new year begins and first of all we want to send a message of SOLIDARITY AND HOPE so that 2024 will be a year in which the necessary PEACE is restored in those territories that suffer the war and the violation of human rights that we have been experiencing in recent months.

For a fairer and more equal 2024 for all, cheers!