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With a contribution of only 5€ a month, you’ll regularly be supporting
the sustainable development of cultural landscapes in risk of disappearance. 

To thank you, we offer you:

– 10% discount to the Oasis Campus

– Complete cultural guide of M’hamid El Ghizlane, printed edition. 

– Be the first receiving news about Terrachidia’s projects.



“As much or as little as you want, whenever you want.”

Each grain of sand counts, we know it well.


If you have a company compromised with Cultural Heritage and Climatic crisis, we’d love to have your support. 

We suggest two options of regular collaboration:

A.- From 500€ to 999€ per year contribution:

– We’ll render broadcasting support of your activities through our communication channels. 

– Your logo will appear on our website as a collaborating company.

B.- A contribution of more than 1000€ per year:

    – Your logo will appear as a patron in all our communication channels and activities. 

    – Your company will appear in our website as a patron. 

    – We’ll render broadcasting support of your activities through our communication channels twice a year. 

    – You’ll get graphic and audiovisual material of Terrachidia’s project to share on your website as a socially responsible company. 

    You can access the form here to contact us. 

    If you cannot collaborate economically now, don’t worry. There are always means to help. 

    Participate in the next Oasis Campus and learn by doing at the same time as you are part of a real project of cooperation.  Share. You are our best ambassadors. 
    Or subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of all the projects we carry on. 

    Terrachidia is a community made by people. Each and everyone of you help making this project a reality. 

    Thank you!

    Economic transparency

    In Terrachidia we are committed to transparency and good practices.  

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