We are finally ready to share our long-awaited news.

The OASIS CAMPUS is back!

After the pandemic, we have worked hard to bring back the architecture, construction and documentation workshops in the oasis.

We wanted to preserve the spirit of togetherness and mutual learning of these meetings while protecting the local population and making sure our presence there would not pose any additional risk to them.

Spaces are limited, as you know, so the workshop will be restricted to 20 people.

  • The dates: January 22 to 29 of 2022
  • The price: €590
  • This includes an eight-day training course on the land, landscape, vernacular architecture, traditional earthwork techniques (rammed earth, mud brick, tadelakt lime-based plastering, finishes), international cooperation, etc. with architects who are experts on the subject and local master builders.
  • Accommodation in large tents and all meals included.

You can find full detailed information in the following link:

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since we started this local-international cooperation experience, which brings us such joy.

So we’re celebrating our anniversary! It’ll be a very sentimental workshop.


We’ll see you soon